Private Chef Now!

An Intimate Meal or Party Affair, Taste is Everything..


Home Cooked Meals:

  • A free consultation in your home to go over what is appetizing and unappetizing to your palate. Food allergies will be discussed, as well as, the finalizing of your menu.
  • A date will be set to prepare your meals in your home with my own tools and equipment.
  • All ingredients will be purchased by me and brought to your home.
  • All meals are packaged and left in your refrigerator with heating instructions.
  • The kitchen will be left just as it was before I arrived.

Private Functions:

  • A meeting in your home will be set to discuss the menu, necessary supplies, the type of staff needed and date for the occasion.
  • I will arrive in your home with my own tools and equipment before the event to prepare the items for the occasion.
  • After the meal, the kitchen will be left sparkling clean.

Cooking Lessons:

  • Lessons will be done in the comfort of your kitchen
  • A meeting will be set to discuss the curriculum to be taught.

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